Engineering solutions / manufacturing

Your project becomes ours !!!

Your request is a priority to which we respond with determination.

Your request is a priority to which we respond with the greatest possible care. we combine state-of-the-art machninery aproven and relaible framework and expert team.

The fundamental methods and steps for the production process are : - Analysing your needs - Taking account of the technical contraints - Manufacturing your 1st prototype using our 3D High-performance software - Validation, testing .... In order to give you the appropriate answer on schedule.

Technical survey

Our technical expertise and use of cutting-edge equipments allow us to give you the best advice . We also improve the manufacturing process of your bending or welded parts.

Bending simulation software

With their 3D soffware, our Enginnering office are able to simulate the production process of your parts with our CNC machinery park.

Welding capabilities

The bending production can be completed with our welded capabilities : we have various welding methods for the tube/sheet. These processes are validated by our qualified expert and engineer.

Manufacturing your model

3 AXES can scan your single model with our 3D robotic arm in order to define the drawings for the manufacturing process .

3D files management

Our drawing software allows us to convert most digital files. We can generate a PDF or STEP for the model parts.

Raw material / Sections

A large stock of tubes allows greater reactivity in production time to satisfy our customers

Raw material selection

We carry stocks of raw or electogalvanized steel E235 , we also carry stainless steel like 304L and 316L . On request, we are able to bend specific alloys ( E355, 316TI,904L, Copper, Cupronickel, Aluminium…)

Selection by measurement

Our product range is from 4mm till to 100 mm

Production Capabilities

We combine State-of-the-art technique and skills to produce parts fully compliant to your requirements


Our 100% electrical CNC machinery parkwill satisfy all your needs with a high dimensionnal accuracy ( multi-tools, double head , fixed and variable radius , Ø 50 maximum)


we weld our products with the best materials using various techniques ( TIG Steel/stainess steel , TIG Orbital without filler metals, Semi-automatic,Flame welding-brazing and Induced Current Brazing ).


In addition , we also offer machining services with tubes ans welded components ( drilling, coring, turning…)

Connectors - Equipment

Using a series of specific tools, standards and proven protocols, we constantly maintain a very high level of quality for the pre-fittings of cutting rings according to the DIN 2353 ,JIC, ORFS….

Easy identification of tubes

The labelling and identification of products is the first step in the traceability chain. Tubes are labelled with self-adhesive labels or direct marking by micro percussion on metal.

Decontamination - AIRMAT Tube Clean

In addition to standard decontamination, we provide further decontamination on request via a special foam projectile treatment (AIRMAT).

Coating - Surface Treatment

Passivation on stainless-steel

In order to guarantee more corrosion resistance , a passivation treatment is applied to all weded stainless-steel part.

Zinc plating

On our welded steel parts, we add a zinc plating treatment ( 12µm ),with a minimum corrosion resistance of 200 hours before appearance of white rust and 400 hours for the red rust.

The painting

On request, we can supply your finished parts in a RAL-colour of your choice with a high corrosion resistance like the zink plating.